ways to measure

Use our ways to measure, or simply use the removable insole and
Happy Toe Zone to check your child still has happy toes.

Our fit

Wide-fit designs typically offer a slight increase in width, often by a few millimeters, particularly in the upper material and the insole width. The extra space primarily stems from a greater volume in the upper, reducing pressure on the top of the foot and providing a more roomy sensation when wearing the shoe.


Our Happy Toe Zone feature simplifies your shoe shopping by showing you exactly how footwear will fit your child’s feet. This tool is built into the removable insole of our shoes, marked by two intuitive lines that indicate the ideal toe placement. It’s designed to ensure that there’s just the right amount of space for your child’s feet to move and grow.

Just pull out the insole, place your child’s heel at the end, and see where the toes land. If their toes sit comfortably between the lines, you’ve found a good fit. This method is especially useful for younger children who might not be able to tell you how the shoe feels, providing peace of mind that their little feet are well accommodated.


Foot Length

2 18 3 99
3 19 4 105
4 20 5 113
5 22 6 123
6 23 7 132
7 24 8 140
8 25 9 149
9 27 10 157
10 28 11 166