Design process


The journey of every PRENTA shoe begins with defining its look and feel, determining everything from the type of shoe – be it sandal, boot, or traditional shoe – to the toe shape and heel height. Material selection is critical, as it influences the comfort and fit, while the choice of sole affects the edge/bottom from the last. We base our prototypes on a standard middle size to ensure consistency across various sizes.


In shoemaking, the last comes first. It is a sculpted form, now typically made from plastic polymers, representing a three-dimensional foot shape. This form is vital as it determines the shoe’s fit, style, heel height, and contour. Essentially, the last is the heart of the shoe, the foundation upon which the entire shoe is constructed, serving as the blueprint that ensures each shoe meets our exact standards.


Once the shape and type of shoe are determined, we move to the technical design stage. Here, the sole design comes to life alongside the detailing of the upper part of the shoe. This stage is critical for finalising the materials, particularly as they relate to the development of the outsole. Each element is carefully planned and documented, ensuring that the manufacturing team has a clear outline to follow.


The development of the outsole is a critical phase that begins only after the last has been fitted with an upper (the entire part of the shoe that covers the foot). Crafting the outsole is a detailed process due to the complexity and cost of creating moulds. Each mould represents a significant investment, both in terms of time and resources. Therefore, we undergo several stages of careful review before finalising and opening the sample mould to ensure perfection and precision.


Refining the upper or pullover of our footwear involves repeated sampling to fine-tune its design and functionality. Close collaboration with our suppliers is key throughout this phase. As this process unfolds simultaneously with outsole development, this makes sure both elements are perfectly aligned, contributing to the shoe’s superior quality and appeal.


During the Colourway Development phase, we finalise the colours that best complement the season and intended use of the shoe. This careful selection ensures our footwear remains both stylish and appropriate for its intended environment.